“I appreciate everything you and Tessier have accomplished. I have had a fair amount of experiences over the years with Real Estate companies, and I have to say beyond all doubt that you and Tessier have been far and away our best experience. Transylvania county is a difficult market altogether and you guys accomplished more in 2 years’ time, than what others only attempted to in a great deal of time more than that. A testament to the team you guys have put together. I have recommended you and your firm several times already and will continue to do so. If you ever need a reference for a potential client, do not hesitate to ask.”

J.S., A Satisfied Commercial Brokerage Client

“Tessier has been so helpful and key to making all our lives easier as board members. They are responsive to the needs of the community, knowledgeable, and more.”

From an association board member after transition to Tessier for management

“Tessier is a full-service, property management company that focuses on the industry fundamentals to drive the returns on our properties. From operational oversight, dependable accounting and reporting, to the oversight of major capital projects, Tessier has knocked it out of the park for us on a consistent basis.”

From an asset manager with various investment properties

Recipient of the 2021 Sky High Growth Award from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Michael Hoffman and his team have a been a pleasure to work with throughout the leasing of our National Historic building. He and his team are extremely responsive and proactive, and they are always looking to find the best solutions for owners. There is no doubt that I am going with Tessier on my next project and would also encourage anyone to give them an opportunity.”

From a satisfied brokerage client

“We can’t thank you and Katie enough for your thoroughness and work on our behalf. Our July financials were a sight to behold! The finance team could find no issues with them for the first time in over 2 years. You guys are simply miracle workers!”

From a French Broad Crossing board member after transitioning to Tessier for management

“For more than 15 years, we have relied on Tessier to help us manage our 14-unit condo building. Their agents are friendly and helpful, taking on many tasks that our small membership is not equipped to handle. We appreciate their access to high-quality vendors, their ability to manage large and complicated projects as well as day-to-day maintenance issues, and their prompt response to our needs. I highly recommend Tessier to anyone seeking property management services.”

Susan Griffin

President, Condo Association Board

“I just want to tell you that you have such a gem of a person in Zachary (Assistant Maintenance Coordinator). Oh my gosh, smart and a problem solver. And it wasn’t that easy because the concrete was pivoting, and the blacktop itself had a little dip in it which made it even more difficult, but he’s so smart he figured it all out. Now I’m free, and I get to take my trip tomorrow. I just wanted to thank you so much and for answering the phone and for sending Zachary, and he’s a treasure. Thank you so much.”

From a satisfied maintenance division home owner

“Thank you so much for a very detailed (maintenance) report. We appreciate all you and the team are doing to take a safe and quality driven approach, while pushing to meet our committed date.”

From a pleased board member